TDS is a ready-to-use taxi system that will allow you to start an cab renting service.

User iOS App, Android App

Driver Android App

Adminsitrator, Operator Panel, Billing Adminstrator

The smartest Taxi Disptach System

Why should your app be ordinary when your dreams are extraordinary? This app is the answer you’ve been looking for. A seamless user interface makes it a joy to use. Now, your application will enable users to book a ride with just a few clicks on their smartphones.
We have developed the most famous On-demand Taxi system. The Apps and Websites are available for purchase for Taxi Companies, Delivery companies, Movers and Packers.
The best Taxi dispatch system that you can immediately start using. Avoid the cost of building an original ridebooking app. The technology and the on demand service duo have made a revolt in the taxi industry and is the most happening business trend of-late.

Why use our Taxi Disptach System?

Prebuilt solution

A prebuilt solution that is highly scalable

Administrator Panel

To manage all the features of the app.


Ready for implementation and deployment


Built by a talented team of web and app developers

Scalable Solution

Accommodate a high number of user activity.


Available for both Android and iOS.


Complete customization and branding


Online support for any help

Our Work Speak Louder than Words

What makes our system the perfect business solution for you?

Here is a small story…
Rodriguez, owner of a Taxi service in LA, was wondering how to break the sad news to his team of cab drivers. The cab service had been running in the red for the past five months with all his customers preferring Uber and other mobile app-based cab services.
Although he had been providing an exceptional cab service with just a couple of complaints in the past few years, his existing customers preferred to book cabs from mobile apps simply because it was simpler, easier, quicker, and better manageable.
He had no idea how to compete with these technology-based companies, with no technical or software background. For the past 25 years he had been running his traditional cab service with a couple of landline phones and a few mobile phones.
Then he came across Blastrip Solution.
It’s a taxi cab booking app for which no development is needed on his part.
When he read the details, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the perfect solution to save his business.
He could immediately transform his traditional business into an app-based business without having to hire a team of developers or having any sort of technical knowledge.
The developers also provide complete after-sale support and an associated website.
He didn’t have to fire his dedicated team of cab drivers after all. In fact, now his fleet of cabs has increased from 15 cabs to 80 cabs in just four months.
Want to know how Rodriguez achieved that?

What makes us different from other providers?

  • Easy installation and deployment
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • 24×7 support based on your needs
  • World-class implementation and deployment support and maintenance
  • 100% customization and branding
  • Rates management on-the-fly
  • Highly affordable
  • Data driven approach
  • Built with native technology
  • Available on multiple platforms

Our Solution !!!

Aside from running a Taxi business, Blastrip can be easily customized and
tweaked to serve the following business models:

Delivery service

Trucking Business

Food delivery Service

Any on demand service


Preferred driver

Allow your riders to book their cab with their preferred driver to make them feel more secure and satisfied.

One Click booking

Not sure of destination, go book now with one click booking

Scheduled / Recurrent trip

Your riders will be able to schedule their cab trips in advance to better organize and save time.

Promo code management

Give more incentives to your users by allowing them to use promo codes when making payments and enjoy discounts.

Vehicle Modifications

The information in the user’s, the driver’s and the admin’s control panel is automatically updated in real-time when it is altered at one end.

TAXI meter

Pick you offline customers, and start your TAXI meter in the app now

Real time tracking

Get real time tracking status of all vehicles and trips


Chat with us online any time for any technical support

Ready to transform your cab business?

Have a glimpse into our powerful system.